Mar 282014

BOB3B.O.B. stands for “Ballers on Budgets” they all have Bob Long guns or CCM’s…top of the line guns and gear BUT that’s very likely why they can’t afford to play as much, so they thought BOB sounded great. The White part just came from nowhere, a bob white to this team in Nebraska is a quail that has a very unique whistle that they used to try to use on the field to communicate…one of their members couldn’t whistle to save his life so in one game they heard the whistles and someone just shouted “BOB WHITE, damnit!” and it sort of just stuck. Continue reading »

Oct 302013

992637_504041429703224_141162098_n The Paintball Club at Intel Exposed

There is much secrecy around the Intel Corporation’s involvement with paintball with rumors of an underground team and training facility. Do they have expensive bunkers, underground fields, and high tech equipment? I was lucky enough to sit down with Levi Bennett and Tim Storey of Intel to find out if Intel is, in fact, building paintball players from spare computer chips and if they are part of a conspiracy or cover-up. Continue reading »

Oct 152013
MalteseFor Immediate Release
The Maltese Militia Paintball Team has given away our fourth Custom Prize Packages of the 2013 season. This was the second time we are supporting Guns for Hoses and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
May 022013

May 2nd 2013

Ocala, Fl.

Interview with a tactical well formed team!

The Catshack reports set out to capture the inside scoop on this artful team, The X- Men! I find their game plan and tactics very intriguing, as I have played alongside and against this well skilled team. I have witnessed their organization as well as their communication tactics. Continue reading »

Mar 262013

Underground Rejects as a team first started coming together around November 2012.. Most of them played on another team together before, or have known each other in some way for a few years.. They started the team to help promote Erin”s Army events and just to have some good old “FUN” in the sport. Continue reading »

Mar 042013

March 1st 2013

Houston, Tx

Spencer Tesanovich Cpt. Team Defiant, A true inspiration!

The Catshack Reports had to reach out to Mr. Tesanovich, we wanted to get the inside scoop with regards to why he does what he does. Through numerous conversations I discovered just how non self serving this gentleman was. Continue reading »