Miss Catshack 2012


Congratulations… Sarah B.

You are Miss Catshack 2012

The Polls are now closed. This contest has ended. Stay tuned for Miss Catshack 2014. Check out this years winner’s write up here.


Name: Kateya S

Age: 22

Home Field: Crazy Bills Paintball

Maker: Dangerous Powers E1

Style of play: Anything that involves shooting paint at people:)


Name: Laura B

Age: 27

Home field: Crazy Bill’s Paintball in Brantford, ON

Markers: MacDev Tactical Drone and Vanguard Creed

Style of play: Scenario …with goals to expand to other styles

Name: Janice B

Age: 24

Homefield: Dundee Sports Dome & Oshawa Paintball

Marker: DM9

Style of play: Speedball with a bit of scenario


Name: Leanne H

Age: 25

Home Field: Niagara paintball park

Marker:DP Fusion FX/ Tippmann a-5

Style: I like playing scenario games :)


Name: Mary-Ann C

Age: 33

Team: Sons of Vengeance

Home field: Paintball Depot

Marker: ION

Style of play: Woodsball/Scenerio




Name: Alicia L

Age: 24

Home field: Crazy Bills Paintball

Marker:Invert Mini

Style of play:Scenario/ Bushball


Name: Chandal W

Age: 21

Home Field: Oshawa Paintball

Marker: Mokal Aura

Style of Play: Big games and Tournament





Name: Erin K


Home Field:Ambush Paintball

Marker:Impact Ego 11

Style of Play:Speedball


Name:Ashley F


Home Field:Low Country Paintball

Marker:Machine Paintball Vapor & Ego 11

Style of Play: Scenario / Woodsball





Name:Jackie M


Home Field:OSG

Marker: Proto Reflex Rail 2011

Style of Play:“….sneaking up on the opposing team and scaring them…”


Name:Sarah B


Home Field:Mad Frog Paintball

Marker:Empire Mini

Style of Play:Speedball and Woodsball





Name:Tiffany R


Home Field:Crazy Bill’s Paintball

Marker:Ego 9

Style of Play:Speedball





Name:Jennifer W


Home Field:Total Control Paintball

Marker:Ego 11

Style of Play:Speedball





Name:Teresa N


Home Field:Excalibur

Marker:2012 Vanguard Creed

Style of Play:Scenario





Name:Audrey E

Home Field:Undisclosed

Marker:Luxe 1.5

Style of Play:Speedball




2012 Contest Information

This years 1st Prize Package will include a “LA Ironmen” jersey autographed by the whole team AND to include a some pretty cool Dead Man’s Gear swag,  other prizes will include all manner of goodies from great companies such as buypbl, a Valken VMax loader courtesy of Underground Productz, Exalt pants courtesy of Exalt, a Blues Crew Party Pack ( Backpack, Frizbee, 22 oz mug, and bottle coozie, PARTY WARRIORS t-shirt and Sweatshirt) and MORE as yet to be announced!  The winning lady is sure to get an awesome prize package and the coveted title of Miss Catshack 2012! So start snapping some good photos and send them along today ladies!

Yes prize packages will include shipping free of charge right to your doorstep the same as last year.

How do you enter you may ask? That is the simple part. All you have to do is send in a picture of yourself. This year we will need to include a few short details including name, age, home field, marker, style of play and email to catshackreports@gmail.com. Then just wait for the voting to be opened and self promote yourself to the fullest. Please note this year we would like to see photos submitted in your paintball gear and preferably outdoors on your field or a location that is paintball related, keep in mind we want to see your face!… mind you, creativity is welcomed!

1. The contest is open to US and Canadian citizens only all entrants MUST be at least 16 years of age.

2. The prize package is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded.

3. All submissions become the property of The Catshack and the LA Ironmen and may be used in future promotional material.

4. All submissions MUST be tasteful in nature and will be pre screened upon receipt. (please refer to The Catshack’s existing photo gallery for good examples at http://www.catshackreports.com/gallery/ )

5. The Catshack and LA Ironmen reserve the right to disqualify entries that we deem inappropriate or do not meet the criteria of this contest at our discretion with both the Catshack staff and LA Ironmen making said final decision. Furthermore, professional in studio photos are not allowed.

6. Decisions of the contest are final no substitutions will be available.

7. Accepting the prize constitutes permission for the Sponsor to make public and otherwise use winner’s first name (with last name being voluntary) and picture without further compensation. Winner MUST agree to additional photo wearing the LA Ironmen Apparel for promotional purposes only.

8. One entry per person.

9. Contest Submission Deadline (July 1, 2012). Upon closing, The Catshack will allow the readership to vote via user poll (this year on The Catshack Reports Facebook page). Polls will close July 31st, 2012

10. The final winning entries will be announced and awarded their prize packages on August 2nd, 2012

11. Staff of both The Catshack Reports Paintball News OR the Miss Catshack 2012 contest sponsors are not eligible to participate, entries will be disqualified

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  24 Responses to “Miss Catshack 2012”

  1. So wanna win….love ironman :)

  2. Well, in that case, promote yourself. Share the page with all your friends and groups! Get them on the page and have them vote for you!

  3. i really wanted my other picture used :-( or both put together well anyway. vote for me! :-)

  4. go Jackie :)

  5. Good Luck Everyone (:

  6. Darn I wanna vote but there’s too many who play at Crazy Bill’s and I’m going up for Ultimate Risk in 2 weeks. Still I’ll take some hits for my friend out here. lol ;-)

  7. Good luck Jackie M, I hope you kick”A**”

  8. Jackie, you and the people you play with are always having a good. I think you bring fun and class to the sport. Good luck.

  9. VOTE FOR SARAH B…… FROM TEAM MAD FROG !!!!!! detroit michigan!!!! she dont know any of these girls…lol


  11. good luck

  12. Leanne H, hope you win, I’m cheering for you;)
    From FORÇA PSI – paintball team from Portugal

  13. Voted Jackie, hardcore balling chick that has gog’ed me more times then I like to admit and she’s just a good down to earth person…good luck

  14. Woot Leanne!!!
    Lookin cute while paintin ass!!
    Gett em girl!

  15. sarah b for the win….. lets get this girl the ironmen jersey to rock out at tippmann world challange held at hell survivors in michigan….where she will be playing on side of mike paxson and a few of his buddys :O

  16. I like how four of the girls are all from Crazy Bills paintball! 3 of them are also on the home team The Lethal Ladies:)

  17. kateya is smokkinnnn

  18. Good luck Jennifer W. Youd make a great catsshack girl!!!!!!!

  19. So lots of people have told me since this started they are voting for me and it is not counting there vote…. Hhhmmm…. Why isn’t it counting my votes ?! ?

  20. People across the country voting for me and they aren’t counting….

  21. […] Minions are telling you that it’d be a good idea to go vote for “Ashley F.” here: http://www.catshackreports.com/miss-catshack-contest/miss-catshack-2012/ […]

  22. go jackie!!!!!!!

  23. do we just vote right here? MaryAnn C <3 i looooove her!!!

  24. When is the Cat gonna do 2013 Miss Catshack?!!

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