Mar 262013

Underground Rejects as a team first started coming together around November 2012.. Most of them played on another team together before, or have known each other in some way for a few years.. They started the team to help promote Erin”s Army events and just to have some good old “FUN” in the sport. Continue reading »

Feb 252013

The Empire Strikes Back – The Battle For Hoth

Our shuttle landed on the far side of the battlefield from Echo Base and opened the hatch. There was an immediate gasp as we took in the ice planet’s frigid cold for the first time.  I had not been in a winter battle before and I was not sure how my blaster would work in the cold, so like the rest of the Storm Trooper clones my first task was to test it out.  I was happy to see that my “Empire” Axe assault blaster worked just fine.

The Empire’s veteran General Jeff Uriadko called us together and explained the battle plan.  He introduced his XO, Tony Patrizi, who would be in charge of coordinating the overall battle, along with Lieutenant Jackson Frey, who would command the ground attack on Echo Base, and Lieutenant Chuck Piel, who wound command the forces protecting the AT-ATs and was commissioned to take out the shield generator.  I was attached to Lieutenant Piel and assigned to AT-AT #2, seconded to the commander of the Pain Hill Company.

Meanwhile, the rebels at Echo Base were preparing for the battle they knew could not be won by pure strength of arms, but would depend on their ability to take out the AT-ATs and protect the shield generator.  General Michael “Mich” O’Connell, in his first battlefield command, with assistance from his tactical expert D.J. “Honu” Fox, would create two formations.  The main army would be assigned to protect the base and harass the enemies left flank.  Three stealth commando units, including one led by veteran assault specialist Bobby “Paco” Schnebel and Jedi Brent Johnson, would move deep around the right flank and look to destroy the Empire’s AT-ATs.  The 2nd unit, led by “The Marine”, would be attacking all Empire fortified positions with portable Ion Cannons.

At 10am the battle commenced.  It was immediately apparent that a variety of weapons would be employed in battle today.  The Empire had several Sith fighting in the battle, and were seen throughout the day in light-saber duals against the Jedi.  The Empire also employed special Energy Launchers, designed to attack hidden Rebel positions with great precision.

Storm Trooper with Energy Launcher

The Storm Troopers made a quick push forward and captured huge stashes of Rebel munitions.  The Empire continued its push and occupied many of the outbuildings around Echo Base. The lost munitions would likely create problems for the Rebel army later in the day.   It would not, however, daunt The Marine and his Psychosocial Crew, who carried the ammunition load for their portable Ion Cannons with them.  Many buildings that were currently occupied by Storm Troopers would fall to the savage attack by the Rebel’s elite forces led by The Marine and The Devil, causing heavy casualties among the clones.

The Marine with Portable Ion Cannon, Covered by The Devil

Midway through the day showed the Empire to have pushed forward and established a strong perimeter around Echo Base. That, along with the captured Rebel munitions, had effectively locked the main Rebel force inside the base. The firepower of The Marine’s Crew had been devastating, but eventually their ammunition began to run out and they were forced back. Seeing the Storm Troopers closing in on the returning assault squads, Obi-Wan rallied the Padawans to  protect them.

Padawan Jedi Dillon and Matt getting advice from Obi-Wan

Around this time I heard a loud battlefield commotion and Lieutenant Piel informed the Pain Hill Company that a Rebel assault squad, led by Paco and the Jedi Brent Johnson, had infiltrated the Empire’s lines and was attacking the first AT-AT.

We rushed towards the sound of battle, where I could see the young Jedi fighting off many of my fellow Storm Troopers. The infamous Sarge Morin, of Erin’s Army, was also fighting with the rebels, who could not be stopped in their attack of the AT-AT.

Sarge Morin Joins In the Attack

Lieutenant Piel hurried us back to our AT-AT and commanded us to not leave our post and fight to the end. Other Storm Troopers were rushed over to form an additional perimeter around our remaining AT-AT. The battles were intense, but the Storm Troopers held off the Rebel commando assaults. The Empire must have brought a portable clone repair facility with them, as they were very quick to get their wounded Storm Troopers patched up and sent back into the battle, giving them an advantage over the rebel forces.

At 3:30, a little over 5 hours into the battle, the 2nd AT-AT moved into position and opened fire on the shield generator. A great explosion could be heard, and cheers went up all along the Empire’s line. I could hear on Commander Piel’s radio as General Uriadko gave the command to all Storm Troopers – “All forces advance on the Rebel base”.  Pain Hill led us forward and we abandoned our positions for the attack.

The Storm Troopers surrounded the base and severed the Rebels supply lines and medical services.   There would be no more entry for reinforcements to the base by the Rebels.

Just when it looked like the Empire would completely overrun the base, it started to snow and the Rebels launched a counter-attack using Tauntauns. The Storm Troopers halted, not sure of what to do.

Rebel on Tauntaun Attacking the Surrounding Storm Troopers

But General Uriadko was unruffled and prepared for the attack. Between the Sith and the clone army, the Empire again pushed the Rebels back to the base and the attack was broken.

At 4pm, with little ammunition left, fewer than 30 Rebel troops held the forward position of the base.  General O’Connell was forced to give the command “Evacuate the Base! Get to your transports and meet back at your designated rendezvous points. And May the Force Be With You!!!”

General Uriadko and Empire had won the battle. But the war was far from over…

Later, back on the Empire’s flagship:
“General Uriadko, we have intercepted a rebel transmission. Prisoner interrogations have confirmed its authenticity”
“What is the message, Captain?”
“Blue Leader, whom we have determined to be General O’Connell’s close friend Russ Weigandt and part of their advance attack group “The Hellions”, was sending to Fleet Command, (General O’Connell). Message is:”
“General O’Connell, I did not want to distract you in the battle, but need to tell you that I am getting married and would like you to be my best man.”
“Blue Leader, affirmative to that. Will meet in the Sol system.”
“That is the end of the transmission, General Uriadko.”
“Captain, take the fleet out of orbit. Set course for the Sol system. There will be no one to stop us this time.”

Matt’s Safety Net

 My friend Dillon and I joined up with the Rebels. We didn’t want to play on the same side as my dad because we wanted a chance to shoot my dad. Dillon and I had a plan, flank to the right but after the start I went to the right but the empire was already there so we held our ground but when I needed to reload I found out that my pack was upside down. It took me 5 minutes just to refill my hopper. But when I asked Dillon for help he wasn’t there so I went back and found out that he was at spawn so I asked him “where were you” and Dillon said “I was here the whole time because my hopper broke.” So we went back and found out that a paintball burst inside the hopper. We dismantled it and found out that it was in the hopper throat so we waited until it fell out. Then when we started playing again, when I shot the paintball wasn’t coming out. So I took it to a ref and found out that 4 paintballs where stuck in my barrel!  Then after that we got too cold and went in the car for the rest of the game.

A kids trouble station would be a good addition to a game. We did not get to play a lot because we could not find my dad and he didn’t hear us on the radio, and we did not know what to do. A campfire or warming station would also have been good so we didn’t have to go back to the car.

The Battle For Hoth was the latest scenario game from Blastcamp. This game was particularly fun because of the great role-playing and the interesting twists such as the use of light saber battles and Star War’s costumes, along with special guest of honor Sarge Morin of Erin’s Army. Virgil and his ref staff at Blastcamp are excellent and friendly, yet in charge so kids feel really good playing there. Join the forces again on April 20th for Blastcamps’s next paintball scenario game, “Chaos.”

I also am personally hoping for The Return of the Jedi…

Battle For Hoth Prizes







Entrance to the Empire’s Operating Base







Storm Troopers Gathering for General Uriadko’s Battle Plans








The Rebels Gathering at Echo Base








General Michael “Mich” O’Connell










Stealth Commando Team Infiltrating the Empire’s Lines







Paco Taking Down The AT-AT







Storm Troopers Advancing on Echo Base


Writeup courtesy of staff reporters Kelly and Matt Wical
Pictures courtesy A-Train and TheMarine Psychosocial Crew
Dec 252012

Here it is, Part Two of an in depth look at ATrain and Track21, what makes him tick? The Catshack puts to bed a number of misconceptions about ATrain, what he represents and who he is…. read on to get the low down Continue reading »

Oct 082012

In the words of pro player Frank “The Tank” Connell, “Any day out playing a game of paintball is a great day indeed” … some games make it truly worthwhile. Crazy Bill ‘s Paintball in Brantford ON delivered a super and memorable day for a big game for sure. Saturday October 6th teams and individuals descended on The Catshack Reports home field of Crazy Bill’s for another fantastic game. The last game for Erin’s Army held a month or so ago had rain interrupt and mar the day with fewer than expected appearing to get a game on. As a result, game organizer Cro of Wak’d Custom Apparel met with field owner for Crazy Bill’s Carl Ethridge to re schedule the event to coincide with Crazy Bill’s annual fall game “Dead Men Rising”. Continue reading »

Sep 052012

Having been to many fields across North America and in my professional opinion, PRZ has fast become one of those paintball facilities that ALL teams and individuals should be prepared to drive many many hours to visit and play a game. Continue reading »

Aug 282012

Kids in Big Games, and Safe-Areas – A Follow-up

Kelly: In our last two Catshack articles, we covered the notion of kid safety in big games, and also general safety in the safe-areas (netted staging type areas). This article is a follow-up to both of them, based on some ‘testing’ of the ideas presented and a closer observance of safe areas.

Last weekend, Matt and I went to our 3rd scenario game. This one was at CPX, called the “Windy City Classic”. This was our best scenario yet, for both safety and the overall experience. It was a smaller scenario game, and we got to try out a bit of what we wanted around “kid’s missions”. But the bottom line is that this scenario game was great, and here is why. Continue reading »

Aug 132012

Looks like this part of Southern Ontario has seen the end of a drought and entered into something of a rainy season. Despite the downpour, over 30 of the most hardcore paintball players in Ontario appeared in support of another super initiative to aid Erin Morin of Erin’s Army on Saturday August 11th, 2012. Continue reading »

Apr 242012

Its been a while since The Catshack Reports set the cameras aside to play some paintball and played I certainly did! The Catshack Reports had an absolute blast at Georgina Paintball in Pefferlaw ON for their season opener. Following morning announcements, over 175 paintball players took their sides for the game to commence around 11am. The field itself boasts plenty of woodlands as well as some good field features including a tire field, trenches and an intermodal city. The staging area and for that matter the course itself was clean and well groomed. It was clear Georgina staff worked hard in preparation for their kickoff game for 2012, also of note, signs of construction indicate a solid field investment. Continue reading »