Feb 062012

A little dialog with the fans of the “Russian Legion”

Dear fans,

We are grateful for your support of the team and your belief in us for so many years. You are always with us no matter what: victory or fail. We believe that we may always rely on your trust. We always feel your love. When you are upset with our fails we are upset even more. Therefore we think that it would be much more honest if you get the news about the Club and its life not from the paintball forums’ rumors but from us. We will try to share with you all our news not from time to time but on the regular basis. Continue reading »

Dec 162011

Dec 16, 2011

Denver Co.

Catching up with the one, the only, Montydoom!

The Catshack Reports took some time out of our day to give Douglas “Montydoom” a ring. We wanted to check in with one of our most famous Catshack Hall of Fame inductees, to see how life was treating him these days.. Continue reading »

May 262010

Disembarking his recent flight into Moscow last week, friend and fellow paintball photographer Mr. Gary Baum hit the ground running to experience the wide world of paintball such as it is in Russia. Russian paintball company Action Paintball Games rolled out the red carpet for Gary supplying him a driver, translator and tour guide to insure our favorite paintball photographer had perhaps one of the most memorable moments of his life. Continue reading »