Feb 122014

1898952_728877730480077_1389009439_nWhen Empire bought out the rights to Smart parts everyone knew something was going to happen. Sure enough a few months later the JT Impulse was unveiled. It turned heads but more in a negative sense. People didn’t like the price tag since JT is trying to get back on the gun scene. Also it looked a lot like an older version of an EGO. However for me it showed promise, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Continue reading »

Feb 082013

Several Red Hot Roosters are crowing with excitement about the efforts of a young 9 year old with autism named Ashton. To cut a long story short, the guys from KEE Action Sports witnessed young Ashton making  sales pitches to complete strangers at a CPPL Nationals tournament in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Continue reading »

Jan 172013



The popular $100 Product Voucher Program will be returning to the 2013 Paintball Extravaganza International by attendee demand. Each registered business will receive $600 of vouchers to be used at participating exhibitors for product orders placed at the event. Attend the event – $600 of product in your pocket – no strings attached! Continue reading »

Jan 152013


Team VICIOUS to shoot Empire AXE Marker in 2013


Sewell, NJ, January 14st, 2013, Empire Paintball. Empire Paintball announces that pro paintball team, VICIOUS, will play the 2013 season with the Empire AXE Marker. Team VICIOUS will be shooting a private label VICIOUS Empire Axe and wearing custom VICIOUS Empire Contact Zero jerseys and pants. Continue reading »

Jan 072013

BlackOps Paintball is proud to announce new relationships that have been developed over the last few months, and how they will change paintball for players and business owners alike!

Effective immediately, Hero Army Surplus is now a certified distributor for HK Army in Ontario! You will now be able to get all of your HK gear and swag from your local retail store, as well as Hero Army Surplus, thanks to BlackOps Paintball. If you want HK gear, and your store doesn’t carry it, tell the owners to contact BlackOps or Hero Army Surplus for all the details! Continue reading »

Dec 272012

Paintball has been around what now, thirty some odd years. In the early days fewer manufacturers existed as it was essentially National Survival Games that steered the ship. National Survival Games under the direction of Bob Gurnsey also weathered the storm as far as dealing with mass lawsuits and via these actions saw paintball persevere and continue to exist to this day. Continue reading »