Jul 022011

The Catshack hit the phones to speak directly with field manager Ed Covey at the Oklahoma DDay Adventure Park in Wyandotte to get the gist of this years DDay 2011 event. As Ed explains it, it was another fantastic game with many highlights throughout the week. Continue reading »

Jun 062011


Dear Paintball Manufacturers, operators, and enthusiasts:

As you may or may not know California State government is looking to pass a new law that will affect paintball in California.  Bill SB798 is intended to eliminate an exemption to the current “imitation firearms” law.  Currently this exemption allows the Airsoft, BB, and Paintball industry to manufacture black markers/guns that could be considered “look-a-like” firearms; and depending who you talk to, anything that is black with a barrel is a “look-a-like” firearm.  A small group of manufacturers and operators have become aware of the law and have pulled together to begin fighting the passage of the law or having it amended to exclude paintball from Bill SB798. Continue reading »

May 242011

Team Hand of Fate (www.hofpaintball.com) is now selling raffle tickets to raise money for Relay for Life. We have 10 prize packages to give away. Not one of them is worth less than 100 dollars. Price of the tickets are ony $10. You can purchase in person from a team member if you live in the area, or you can buy one at our home field Pentagon Paintball in Fairview, PA. We are also going to sell these via the web. Continue reading »

Apr 162011

Baldwin Park, CA – Kingman Training is hosting the much anticipated KT Challenge competition at the Living Legends Paintball event in Chicago, IL May 21-22, 2011. Earn up to $3,000 cash at the ultimate adrenaline rush skills competition played with the KT .43 Cal. markers. There is only one requirement for competing, that you play with a KT Eraser or Chaser marker.  Continue reading »

Mar 192011

Compete for Cash in the 2011 KT Challenge

March 16, 2011

Baldwin Park, CA – Kingman Training has just increased your odds of winning cash in paintball this year with the announcement of the 2011 KT Challenge, the ultimate adrenaline rush skills competition played with the KT .43 Cal. markers at various prestigious paintball events throughout the year. There is only one requirement for competing, that you play with a KT Eraser or Chaser marker. Continue reading »

Mar 022011

Kingman Training $25,000 Sweepstakes and KT Price Drop

March 2, 2011

Baldwin Park, CA – Kingman Group has just announced their plans to award $25,000 cash to one lucky winner. When you purchase a Kingman Training .43 Cal. marker from March 1 thru November 30, 2011 and submit your product warranty, you are automatically entered into the Kingman Training $25,000 sweepstakes*. The cash prize drawing will take place on December 16, 2011. Continue reading »

Nov 232010

Press Release

United Kingdom (November 15, 2010)

Super6 – The future of UK Big Game paintball

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of the Super6.

The Super6 is an unprecedented development in UK paintball, seeing some of the biggest names in the game coming together to host a series of weekend long paintball festivals throughout the 2011 season. Continue reading »

Aug 142010

Giant Paintball Parks

Hollywood Sports, SC Village, California Paintball Park, Giant Alpine, Giant Lakeside

.50 Caliber Paintball
For Immediate Release:
Giant Paintball Park
9030 Somerset Blvd.
Bellflower, CA 92870
www.giantpaintball.com website

Giant Paintball to Bring the .50 Caliber Format to the World Stage

Giant Paintball, owners and operators of over five paintball park facilities in Southern California, has announced an industry-wide partnership with many of the top paintball manufactures in the world in an effort to expand the overall growth of all types of paintball through the efforts of the .50 caliber format. Continue reading »