Jan 082013

The Catshack Reports Paintball News touched base with Paul McIntyre, owner of the NPPL Pro Leagues newest team “CRUSH”. Naturally our publication wanted to get the low down on the who, what, why, when and where on the team and all that makes it tick. Read our Q&A with Paul McIntyre and the NPPL”s CRUSH! Continue reading »

Oct 072012

Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund

Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA

The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship is pleased to announce ongoing efforts to build the fund continue to meet with resounding successes. Recent big games to include the Tippmann World Challenge at Hell’s Survivors in Pinckney, Michigan and Fall Castle Conquest at EMR Paintball in New Milford, Pennsylvania have seen fundraising activities at both. Continue reading »

Sep 282012

Who is Jami Hubbell?

Jami Hubbell is a small town southern belle from the sunny state of Florida. She’s a down to earth gunfighter that lost her way for a bit, but is now back to stay!!! “I am just a female paint slinger that loves the sport, and will do whatever she can to help this sport to grow, at home, and around the world! There is really nothing special about me; however I do surprise myself every day, and try to live my life to the fullest with a smile on my face! Continue reading »

Sep 272012

I would have to say my Paintball Journey began in 1985 with the release of the movie “Gotcha” with Anthony Edwards (also well known for his role as GOOSE in TopGun – Tom Cruise’s cheeky co-pilot) and Linda Fiorentino.

I turned 13 that summer and the movie was only mildly based upon paintball. For those who haven’t seen it, it is actually a decent movie. Unlike later films with paintball, it is only a small part (but important part) of the beginning and end plot. Continue reading »

Sep 122012

Charity Poker Tournament Benefiting the Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Award!

Come and join the NPPL on Friday October 5th at 9:00 pm in the Poker Room in order to compete in the charity poker tournament. All proceeds will go to the Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Award. Winner will receive a 2012 Eclipse Geo, show tickets to Illusion or Crazy Girls, and a 2012 NPPL All-Star Jersey! Top 30 places will receive a 2012 NPPL All-Star Jersey. For further information please email info@nppl.com Continue reading »

Sep 042012



Valken supports higher education for paintball’s future at the highest level!

Old Hickory, Tennessee – September 1, 2012 – The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Awards, the namesake organization of paintball’s founder dedicated to higher education for paintball playing youths, announced today the addition of a new scholarship award made possible by yet another of paintball’s most influential companies. Continue reading »

May 282012



First college scholarships offered by the creator of paintball’s namesake foundation awarded for 2012!

Old Hickory, Tennessee – May 28, 2012 – The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Awards, created to reward deserving young paintball players with college scholarships in the name of the creator of the game and industry of paintball, is honored to announce its inaugural awards! The 2012 Scholarship Award recipients will be the very first to receive college scholarships from the newly formed organization thanks to the support of many of paintball’s most respected companies. Continue reading »

May 232012

Sweat dripping off brows, the relentless sun beating down, driving all who venture outside to seek shelter and shade. Not so for the multitudes that did brave the heat and descended on this past weekends NPPL Chicago Open at CPX Sports in Joliet, Illinois. Continue reading »

May 072012

The Catshack Reports welcomes this years big winner and historically the very first winner of the Bob Gurnsey scholarship awards. We have had the pleasure of interacting with Jim Lively behind the scenes and reading all of the various essay submissions supplied by all of the applicants. This year’s winner of the $2,500 Tippmann Sports National Scholarship Award goes to Michael Zuppa, from Ooltewah, Tennessee.  Continue reading »

Apr 202012

The NPPL unveils their latest field layout set for the Chicago Open at CPX Sports set for May18-20th in Joliet, Illinois

UPDATE – NPPL 2012 Chicago Open Field Layout!

We’ve made a minor change to the layout, here are the LATEST FIELD LAYOUT for CHICAGO.

Note: the 2 Bricks along the inside of the snake. Continue reading »