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Sep 262014

D2H_2966What a strange season as it relates to the weather! High winds and clouds of dust on Saturday and a bit of a monsoon Sunday morning wreaked havoc with the vendor tents and threw a minor monkey wrench into some of the plans, nothing that could not be overcome however. Continue reading »

Mar 122014

1970595_824159014267614_579204168_nAn entire weekend of paintball hosted at a real amusement park? Better yet, an entire theme based off the movie “Zombieland”. Our friends with Goldfish 69 Photography gave the Catshack the goods on an epic journey in the UK and the game that was ZOMBIELAND – 2014 Continue reading »

Feb 242014

shoreline145Shoreline announces first event in North America

Shoreline Events Ltd are pleased to announce that the company has signed to run their first event in North America.

The event will take place over the weekend of September 20/21 2014 and will be hosted at Flag Raiders Paintball near Kitchener, Ontario, approximately 1 hour from Toronto. Continue reading »

Dec 312013

TomcatCatShack3My paintball experience continues to amaze having embarked on so many journeys many of which I only dreamed of. 2013 proved another season of paintball that had news that was both happy and in some cases somewhat sad as the paintball world continues to evolve.  Continue reading »

Dec 112013

DSC07016UK Scenario National Paintball Awards – 2013

Saturday 1st December

So… Here we are again reporting (HA!) for the mighty Catshack Reports. This time we were not hunkering down beside some paint covered bunkers, up to our knees in paintballs and trying to duck paint as we try to take photographs. This time we are dressed as the antithesis of a paintballer. We are in smart formal wear, shirt and tie and ballgown (not me you understand .. I don’t wear the dresses…) So what gives? Continue reading »

Jul 292013

Shorelinev2trans_640x480_.1.1Shoreline Paintball of the UK have a reputation for securing amazing venues for their paintball games. Deserted islands in the Adriatic Ocean, abandoned chemical factories, Napoleonic Forts, Military training towns etc…………but this time they have pulled off the most audacious yet. An ancient Citadel on the Belgian border built by Charles 5th and fought over in every major European conflict in the past 500 years. Continue reading »

Jul 252013

IMG_9890Following the direct flight from Toronto to London, England’s “Gatwick” airport, the Shoreline Rangers very own Scarlett Rose swooped in to collect the Cat and the Fox. We were quickly whisked along narrow winding roads witnessing the olde English countryside and its quiet villages, passing by quaint English cottages and Manor houses through Sussex to arrive at the campground where we would spend the next three days. Continue reading »