Jul 292014

IMG_8766Have to admit I am just a bit astounded that an entire battle would break out and have all these Americans crossing our border …. all over a simple Canadian delicacy that of course being our Canadian bacon. Mind you through all of my travels (of which I have had a few) , I have yet to find a country that is able to match the taste and quality of our bacon. Perhaps we as Canadians take something so delicious for granted like the Floridians might their sunshine and beaches while we freeze here in the depths of winter. Personally I am not sure what I might do if anyone were to try and take our bacon away, guaranteed it wouldn’t end well! Continue reading »

May 102014

IMG_4890-2To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”― James Thurber

Yet another whirlwind tour of the UK has come and gone. The Catshack continues its journey of 2014 in search of the best games on the planet. We are truly blessed to report we have found yet another event worthy of being added! Continue reading »

Mar 262014




March 26th, 2014 – St. Paul, Oregon

Mike Brown of Tippmann confirmed today that the popular scenario brand is once again providing free support and tech services for SuperGame 47 from May 2nd through 4th, 2014. Continue reading »

Feb 252014


Magfed Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR)

The new Tactical Compact Rifle or TCR, is designed as a versatile, reliable and affordable magfed option for the serious magfed player. The four key features include a versatile magazine system, two air sources, a compact modular design and the ability to convert into a standard hopper feed marker. Continue reading »

Jan 232014

IT’S ON!!!!

FACEBOOK_FNFFor Immediate Release:

January 23, 2014

Contact: Dave@GregRedHastings.com

It’s a fun-factor EXPLOSION!  Join the millions of fans who have downloaded

Greg Hastings’ Paintball Fields of Battle on iOS and Android devices, and win CASH and PRIZES, this, and every Friday for all of 2014 from MOGA, MHL, Tippmann Sports, R7 USA, and more! Continue reading »

Dec 312013

TomcatCatShack3My paintball experience continues to amaze having embarked on so many journeys many of which I only dreamed of. 2013 proved another season of paintball that had news that was both happy and in some cases somewhat sad as the paintball world continues to evolve.  Continue reading »

Oct 162013

tippmannh70Tippmann Introduces New Tactical Markers

Company’s latest product rollout includes all-new Cronus and much more

 Fort Wayne, Ind. – On the heels of introducing its exciting Crossover XVR, Tippmann is pleased to announce an aggressive new rollout plan that encompasses: two new markers, a new goggle, an update for the TiPX paintball pistol, and a rebate program designed to deliver savings to players while increasing foot traffic to paintball retailers during the upcoming holiday shopping season. Continue reading »

Oct 052013

OperationMedusa2014Launch copy

After last year’s successful Tippmann Scenario paintball game in Greece, Tippmann Big Game Greece: Operation Medusa 2014 has been launched, Tickets are available here:


Last year saw players from all over the world (America, Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Greece to name a few) descend on a small island in Greece to attend an epic game held at an abandoned WW2 base, leaping from attack boats, fighting up beaches and through forests into a net work of WW2 tunnels and buildings. The game is written and organised by Action Field, the premier scenario event organizers in Greece, with a track history of organizing hardcore scenario games over many years, involving the use of military hardware including fast attack boats, helicopters and scuba equipment. Action Field has once again secured the unique military location for this event on the island of Aegina.

With the support of Tippmann, the world’s leading scenario paintball equipment manufacturer, this will be a ground breaking 2 day hardcore paintball event not to be missed.


7am on the 18th of May 2012 a sunny island in the Saronic Gulf, 17 miles (27 km) from Athens, 80 paintballers in camouflage of various origin were loitering around a small sleepy harbor town village church, we raised a few eyebrows from the locals. The attacking team (Germans & Bulgarians) boarded a boat that would take them to their small island start point, the rest of us defenders got on a coach that would take us to the main game area. The Safe area was small but shaded. A tech stand and shop were located on site along with everything else you would expect to find, compressor, tech, chrono and paint.

After a short delay dealing with equipment that took a while to sort out, the game started, by this time the sun was beating down, 35 degrees at the hottest part of the day, we made our way to the start point and could see the fast attack boats advancing towards the beach, we had to defend a building that contained a part of the ‘Medusa device’ whilst also holding of any beach assaults. The terrain was tough, it seemed every plant had a full set of knives, pins and blades strapped to them, it was mostly low bush and scrub with open sandy paths, the aroma of thyme and the sea hung in the hot air, the game zone was huge and could allow the attackers to sweep to either flank with no problems, the first attack boat was met with a barrage of paint from the defenders, possibly panicked, the players leapt from the boat into water that was chest high, this obviously caused issues for those that went for a swim (paint was kindly replaced by event staff at no extra cost), the subsequent boats landed without any issues (apart from the defending team shooting them) Defending the building was tough, the Attackers gained a foot hold on the beach head and pushed through the area attacking from every conceivable angle, we held onto to for the allotted time and then fell back, this took just over 2 hours and a lunch break was called, free bottled water and a kebab was waiting for us back at the safe area. 3 people had to be treated for minor heat exhaustion but wanted to carry on after they cooled down and hydrated.


The next part of the game would take us up a steep winding past into the forest, this contained the

WW2 tunnel system and many buildings, and a more interesting variety of spiky plants that were really quite painful when fallen on, some treacherous ravines and ditches to navigate as we went.

We set up ambushes to slow the approach of the attackers, using quads as spotters and recon vehicles, which made for a speedy escape if needed. We fell back into the tunnel system and were flanked from a path that lay above the main road, the attackers made their way into the cold damp tunnels we couldn’t respawn fast enough to stop them advancing, soon we fell back to the main HQ buildings, the buildings were located high up on the hillside and gave a stunning view of the coastline, this gave a fitting backdrop to an epic final battle, the last 5 minutes saw mad dashes, leaping through window openings and thousands of balls in the air, after the whistle blew we were bruised, battered, scratched, exhausted but happy, the walk back to the safe area seemed longer under the hot sun, as we exchanged banter with team mates and the attackers, we knew what we had to face on the second day as it would be our turn to attack, and the opposing team were not going to give us any slack.

1Game Day 2

Roles reversed, this time we were loading onto the boat that would take us to the game zone, a slight change of plan from the sub aqua adventures of the previous day, we would be going straight into to a small abandoned jetty area that was already live with defending players, the start ran like clockwork, straight off the boat we scampered along an old jetty sea wall and secured ourselves a re-spawn area, from here it was very tough, the sun beating down on us, attacking uphill with minimal cover against a barrage of paint, the Greek teams (Warewolves and Paintballah) decided to flank the left whilst the (Argent Force) Americans flanked the right leaving the Brits to charge up the main road causing some amusing distraction, to no avail, we kept getting pushed back, 30 mins in and the attack boats were ready to use, our chance to make some headway along another stretch of beach and attack the enemy from another angle, we boarded the fast attack craft and departed, our first wave onto the beach met with minimal defenses, we made our way behind the enemy to the objective, a small building located in amongst the scrub. We waited in position for the second wave to meet us and launch our attack, a fierce fire fight ensued and the defenders dropped back which allowed the rest of our team to break out of the original landing area, attacking from 2 positions we were eventually beaten by the clock and unable to secure the objective in time. Just over 2 hours had gone by and people were once again beginning to feel the effects of the heat, back to the safe area to load up on paint and air, once again our hosts provided us with free bottled water and food.


Already tired and beaten from the beach assault we knew that the hardest part was still ahead, the forest was unforgiving, it seemed like every plant wanted to leap out and stab or scratch you in some way, fighting uphill all the way we pushed through the forest clearing small buildings as we went, leaping over ravines with cat like prowess http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EsQQZk-yuI until we reached the tunnel network, this is when things got really tough, the tunnels were dark and forbidding, once stuck in the middle of a tunnel you could only go forward with hardly any cover until we located large metal doors that could be swung out to give protection from incoming fire. One squad decided to take the tunnels whilst the other carried along the roads to locate other entrances to the labyrinth to deny the defenders from reinforcing their team mates. Eventually we pushed past the tunnel network and began to lay siege to the HQ buildings, our numbers dwindled in the last few minutes of the game as players ran out of paint, the enemy did not to have this problem, it seemed to me that every ball we fired was returned in kind by 20 coming the other way. The game ended and we were just short of the final objective, the game was tough all the way and the German/Bulgarian players never let up.

The German/Bulgarian force won the games, but no one really discussed the scores as it didn’t seem to matter to the people playing the game, I personally had a great experience playing an international scenario paintball event and would do it all again next week if I had the cash in my pocket. We met some great new friends, paintballers without borders!

The trip overall was a great success, Action Field planned and executed a great scenario game, hopefully with the support of Tippmann Sports the game will be given the green light for 2014, bigger and better. A special mention to Powerball for providing Sterling clear paint for the event, it was spectacular with no breaks through my marker (over 2000 rounds fired) top quality stuff.

A short video on the event can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxnF2FgQDLk

Official pictures can be found here



Martello, Team PUPS